If you are thinking of embarking into business in Spain, then it’s important you have the support of a commercial legal expert. Whilst the principle of your business operation may be clear, some of the practical, administrative and fiscal structures you will find in Spain will operate very differently to what you are used to.

Obligations as a business owner

The laws governing how business is done in Spain are complex and for a foreigner new to trading in the country, can seem completely mindboggling.

 To protect the interests of yourself and your company, it’s essential to appoint the legalities of business to a trusted legal partner.

There are a number of formalities which must be completed to be permitted to start any economic activity in Spain. Firstly, you must be a legal resident. The situation is more straight forward if you are an EU citizen, but not impossible for non-EU passport holders. It will simply require an additional step in advance to secure the correct VISA to be physically present in the country to trade.

Then there is the matter of how you will operate. We will need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the company structures and whether it is better for you to operate as self employed (Autonomo), a Limited Liability Company (SL), or a PLC (Sociedad Anónima).

Once these matters have been established, we will support you with the day-to-day operations and obligations to ensure you are operating above board and legally in accordance with Spanish corporate legislation.

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